About The Novel Eater


I am a reader. I don’t LOVE Shakespeare or have childhood tales about how I hid in the orchards clutching a 100 year old Jane Austen novel. I just read. No standards about genre or author. I am The Novel Eater mostly because I burn through more money in books than I do in food, and I eat. I like the idea of eating a book, every word, sentence, chapter is ingested. For a short time, it’s a part of me.cropped-dfd.jpg Sometimes I just grab a book because it’s free on my kindle. Other times I plan ahead for months, patiently waiting for a release that I read as slow as possible the way I savor a good steak. I read for the fun of it. I could spend my days reading self help and bettering myself but I think that would ruin the leisure of it. Reading is my chocolate, my indulgence.

I attempt to read at least 100 books a year. This fluctuates depending on time and dry spots. Sometimes I get emotional and feel I’ve read everything I would want to. This is of course impossible, but my emotions aren’t logical. I hope to go back and re-read many things in order to write reviews. Here you will find reviews including both and non-spoiler and spoiler version.

I have only only one rule at the moment…

No crazy grammar people. I’m not a writer by profession. I’m not an english teacher. I’m sure you read what I mean without semi colons and those half parenthesis things. I will refer to this rule from here on out as “Rule Zero” as in I want zero feedback about grammar!

Also, I recently found that Facebook is a big downer and have retreated to my own world where politics aren’t forced down my throat, and no abused puppies pop up on my newsfeed. There are some extra posts I find funny or interesting in addition to the book reviews.

Happy Reading fellow Novel Eaters!



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