Can I Say


I like to mix up my genres every once in a while. Helps to keep me from going off the fiction deep end (happened once.) 

I am hopelessly cut off from main stream pop culture figures. I didn’t know exactly who Travis Barker was before I read this. I know basically zero about drums, guitars and band history. It’s almost like this book was more like fiction to me! 

I have to say that about 1/3 of the way through this, I didn’t like Travis Barker very much. He had some redeeming qualities, but they were hidden under a lot of bad, annoying and ridiculous ones. 

The most important part of an autobiography is the redemption. They all seem to follow the same arc. The hero has to come out the other end having learned something, and changed in some way. This is where this autobiography did things right. You can hear Travis’ voice in the writing. When he talks about his kids…something changed about him. I had no feelings whatsoever about this human until he had his kids and showed some humanity.  

This was worth the read, if you’re a fan it’s likely to have lots of people and places you care about. If you’re just a regular ole book reader, you will find that story you’re looking for. 

I can’t say I came out liking Travis Barker because of this, but I can say I respect the road he’s been on and definitely see a man that was birthed from boy. 

Also, his daughter is named Alabama after the character from True Romance. One of the greatest movies on the planet. If he liked that movie enough to name his daughter after her, then he’s got my vote. 

Well done, looking forward to seeing what his next 40 years brings. 


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