Author: Stephanie Garber

I wanted to love this. I still do. This digital book was crazy expensive and all my to be read novels are over $11 for the digital. I’m not here to complain about money.

I requested the ARC for this book, I was waiting for its release when I wasn’t approved for the ARC. I liked the dark and ominess presence of a circus type environment. Perhaps, I built it up too much. 

I was about a third of the way through when I thought to myself, “I hope it doesn’t stay this way.” I began to feel like I didn’t trust the author to take this anywhere. This makes me sad because she seems like a really sweet gal and I follow her on instagram. 

The build up was good, the world building was so so. The male lead was being set up to be a big reveal, and I was hoping, really hoping it wouldn’t fall flat. 

It fell flat. 

I didn’t like the protagonist, she was indecisive and bothered me. I think I even found her to be dumb. Gosh, sometimes when I write reviews they get worse when I think about the book more. 

If this was self published and had a worse cover, it wouldn’t be a huge deal. Characters weren’t very dimensional, story had promise then fizzled. The one character that had promise, the main boy…can’t remember his name, turned to mush in the last quarter just like Four in Allegiant. 

I still want to love this. 
**********SPOILER AREA***********

If I had been in the publishing process for this. I’d like this as a first draft, I would have suggested that the boy character actually be the betrothed of the protagonist since we were hoping he was Legend. Characters needed to be fleshed out, all of them. And the world needed more magic. When you’ve got magic…you can do anything. ANYTHING! Also, no rules were broken. The story stayed in the lines, and we are not into that anymore. 

Break the rules, make more magic! That’s good advice folks. 


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