Army of Fire (The Elementals Book 1)


Three Stars

Author: Jennifer L. Kelly

Army of Fire is a YA dystopian novel that takes you on an adventure on a whole new planet, and world in most every way. The magic of having a whole new world and the future is that basically anything is possible! This is the first book of a series and is laying the foundation for the story going forward.

I found the pace of this novel to be great! I am picky about pace. It doesn’t take much to make a reader feel rushed or bored. Character development was good for YA, this was only the first book so there is likely MUCH more development to come.

I enjoyed this book! I was right there with the characters and could sense their personalities. The voices of the characters didn’t get muddled together and the story was fun and exciting!

This reminded me of Divergent and even Lord of the Rings at a couple points. I could feel the heaviness of the story to come and I am excited that they next books will be released soon.

If this is your type of novel then Army of Fire will fit right in and leave you wanting more!

****I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review****



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