Unmentionable By: Therese O’Neill 


Unmentionable by Therese O’Neill (my phone is adamant about the apostrophe in your name, apologies) was an unabashed and unconventional view into the life of a woman in the 19th Century. 

There was no stone left unturned, no body part not scalded by the acid of Dr. Kellogg. If you don’t blush at the word vagina or get uncomfortable with discussion of body fluids then you won’t flinch at the topics and depth of discussion in all things “private”. If you do however get a little naseous or uncomfortable then take a pill, and dive right in.

I LOVE that this was not only encyclopedia worthy content, but shamelessly treaded into topics of poop, blood, sex, masturbation and birth control. If you think when you get to the weight loss remedies if the 1800’s that you can take a break from the shocking…DO NOT PASS GO! I have told at least 20 people this week about this little golden piece of knowledge of weight loss history. 

This was a non fiction historical account and normally this is hella boring, BUT Therese took us on a roller coaster of crazy and I came out the other end needing a 21st century bath. 

This is totally worthy content for the normally fiction reader, you will not be let down! 

Have fun! 

*****I received and ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review*****


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