Heir of Fire By: Sarah J Maas



Author: Sarah J Maas

I attempted to read Throne of Glass before A Court of Thorns and Roses, and because I didn’t know Sarah J Maas was magical and trustworthy with my reading time, I didn’t finish Throne of Glass on my first try.

It was after I finished A Court of Mist and Fury, and with tons of pressure from the book community that I tried Throne of Glass again. If you don’t already know, Heir of Fire is book three in the Throne of Glass series.


After I was blown away by Maas’ other novels I decided to give this series another try. It took muscling through the first two to get to Heir of Fire but it was worth it!

Do not judge this series by the first or even second novel, they are all just foundational layers of a much larger and greater story. You will not be left wanting.

Yes, the first two are a bit slow and even angsty at times, but Maas soon shows us the growth of the character and timeline that is WORTH IT. After all, the protagonist is only a teenager when this story begins.

In this novel the adventure and depth begins to twirl into that magical place of book heaven known to those that love the other Maas series. 

I cannot recommend this series enough, it is exactly the type of world that is worth living in and slowly digesting. After all, you can’t get that first time reading experience again.

Maas takes her characters on a real and uncensored progression, she doesn’t back away when other authors might be worried about messing with main character or story. I can never say I know what’s coming.

There is a complete abandonment of rules and normal YA story arc… and I LOVE broken rules that rock my world.

PS: I have officially had a dream about Sarah J Maas, so you may want to understand the degree that I am fangirling into the weight of my words.


*****Possible spoilers ahead in my discussion******

Rowan buddy you’re growing on me with your aloof angry self.



I have no idea if Rowan and Aelin will make out or not, how can’t I tell?! I am usually so good at knowing if that’s coming.

IF, I were to guess I would say yes they will, but in true Maas fashion we won’t really know until they lock lips and our world gets all turnt.

The world with the witches and the whole back story is very over and above the standard. This novel would’ve been a best seller without it, BUT we are not left with just being satisfied. We’re gorging ourselves on story and world and it is gluttonously amazing! 



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