Heartless By:Marissa Meyer


Three Stars

Author: Marissa Meyer

Non-Spoiler Review

This is the back story of the Queen of Hearts. This novel encompasses the early days of Catherine who would one day become the Evil Queen. She begins as a sought after nobel daughter, sought after by the King himself.

Despite the possibility of becoming Queen, Catherine desires to find love on her own terms. A feeling that often disrupts arranged marriages!

I enjoyed this novel, more so the first 3/4. I was hoping to really see the transformation of a good character into a bad one. We sometimes read stories with the villain becoming villainous in the background of the “main” story, but not with Heartless. Our protagonist that were rooting for, is destined to become evil. Just what does it take to turn her bad? I will keep my opinions that have spoilers to myself as the book has not been released.

I did like this novel, and I did finish it. I will say that I do wish it had delved a little deeper and not rushed the plot. If it must be rushed then at least give us some juicy falling into darkness type stuff!

I liked it, but sadly was wanting more. Read this novel, it’s a part of the YA fantasy retellings and important for any of us collectors.

The bar for YA fantasy has been raised in the last few years and although this was good, it did fall a bit short.

***I received and ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review***



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