Crown of Midnight


Author: Sarah J Maas

Non spoiler review:

I decided to give this series another chance after I read her other series.

I didn’t love Throne of Glass so I didn’t have super high hopes for this one. The writing is great, perfectly paced, thorough, content is fun… Pretty much everything is perfect. The story does seem to lag, but if you remember that the series is long and it’s Sarah J Maas, you won’t be in fear of wasting time. It has always paid off to stick with her through the story building!

My only gripe is personal, I get spooked really easily so some of the darker scenes were tough. I remedied this with reading in well lit places. Not joking. Sarah J Maas is fabulous, this series is good. From what I see they also get better as they go so I’m already reading the next one! Heir of Fire here I come!


I’m trying to think of something to discuss that isn’t vague like the non spoiler area. I think all that I can come up with is that the separation of Chaol and Celaena emotionally felt a bit forced. The instant drop of trust didn’t make much sense since Her princess friend held back important info as well, and Celaena is super devoted to her still. Celaena even does that same thing to people, and yet it isn’t that huge of a deal.

I also had a similar thought about Feyre in ACOMAF. Interesting.

I’m sort of thinking maybe Sarah J Maas is attempting to create distance between Chaol and Celaena so a new love interest can come in. We shall see.

***Is Celaena spelled right? 😳


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