The Nest


Read or Don’t: Don’t 

I read a quote today, “Life is too short to read bad books.” Or something similar. So as I forced myself through, I kept telling myself, “It’s going to get better…” I realized my life was too short to continue this novel. I cut short the charade of me liking this crap. 

Many novels that have such great reviews and are huge bestsellers are so crappy. I wonder if there is some hidden ruler of fiction that is easily bought. A man in a robe somewhere in Connecticut, sitting at home receiving a check in the mail and putting these novels in the public eye. 

I can’t remember one character except the guy in beginning getting a hand job while driving. Then he wasn’t very interesting after that, and it was only the prologue! 

(Amy Poehler either has horrible book taste, or is this lady’s friend and gave her a positive review to be nice.) 

I’m done. Goodnight


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