Burn, Rewrite, Reread tag

I wasn’t tagged by anyone, and I doubt I will be but I want to do this. 

It’s sort of like kiss, marry, kill. Or any of the variations similar to it. Fun! 

I used my goodreads account to generate the books. I could’ve find the ransoms button so I just sorted them by page count. That seemed pretty random. 

Burn: EASY! The Goldfinch. I might burn it just for fun anyway. 

Rewrite: I loved Three Daughters, but Harry Potter is going to win. I guess it could have more comedic relief? Tough to say what to rewrite because it was one of my favorite books of this year.

Reread: Harry Potter, definite Reread. I have and I will in the future! 

Burn: Sorry Winter you had some tough competition. I enjoyed Winter, but I did like the previous books better.

Rewrite: The Hunger Games.  I suppose there are some things I would change, like Katniss’ attitude and bad decision making. I do feel a little bit overloaded on Hunger Games stuff right now so that doesn’t help. 

Reread: Obviously, HP ❤️

Burn: Allegiant. Easy. Burn them all. 

Rewrite: Cress, I know, I know, people hate Twilight. I loved Cress, but it wasn’t as good as twilight was for me. I also have some personal ties to twilight that keep it a little closer to my heart. Having a movie helps on this one. If Cress was a movie perhaps if feel differently. 

Reread: Twilight. I just like them. 

Burn: Fifty Shades Freed. I haven’t officially reviewed the 50 series yet, but someday I shall. I didn’t hate it, but against these options it’s the easy burn. 

Rewrite: Host. I enjoyed this novel so much! I was also really sick when I read it and the meds gave it a nice glossy mental feeling. The competition put this one as the rewrite. 

Reread: A Court of Mist and Fury. You’ve probably noticed I like this novel A LOT. Like I would sacrifice many other things just to save this novel. I could get a tattoo for this I’m so hung up on it. The only reason I’m not rereading it immediately is I’m forcing myself to move on a little. Don’t worry Rhysand, I’m coming back soon. 


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