Knockers by Ellyn Oaksmith



I bought Knockers some time ago and tried to read it. I failed. I don’t like it. Then one day when I was book poor, I browsed through those books way back in my kindle to find something I had quit reading, to give it another chance.

Knockers by Ellyn Oaksmith was the winner. I didn’t remember much, so I started from the beginning.

 I was delightfully surprised by how interested I was. I wasn’t like falling over myself to read it, but I quit last time I tried and that usually means it was bad. This however, kept my attention and I did finish it.

It was cute, a little whimsical feeling. Though I could venture to guess the ending I didn’t mind reading the story that took me there. It was good read if you want something to fill in the time waiting in doctors offices, or a day at the beach. I recommend it, but only for that easy read that has a happy ending.

Semi Spoiler Area ahead…

-The idea is that the protagonist accidentally is confused with a different patient, and is given breast implants instead of her scar removal surgery. These implants soon begin speaking to her. Each has it’s own personality and I enjoyed them.

-Like many other books our female protagonist is suggested to be about a size 12. She supposedly had an A cup breast size before. This is extremely unfortunate given that she is curvier. Then she is a D size after the surgery. I happen to be a D, and my hips are her size or smaller, and I don’t think anyone is ever shocked by my boob size. It was hard for me to imagine such ample boobs given that it probably just looked normal.

-There were a few times I got frustrated with the protagonist for not having a backbone, or using her words to get out of sticky situations etc. If you have read some of my other reviews, you would know this is normal for me.

-It was difficult for me to imagine the protagonist being crippled by her issues to the point where she can’t drive, or see ANY of her own issues, but also see her having this thriving career. The two didn’t mesh. Perhaps, if she were a scientist that discovered something and didn’t want credit that would make sense. Imagining the insecure, homebody going in to restaurants alone, chatting with employees to get “juicy” info didn’t reconcile with the character at the beginning of the book.

I know it sounds like I may not have liked it, but I did really.🤔 

Knockers was fun, and if you can pick it up for cheap, give it a read.


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