A Weekend with Mr. Darcy

weekend with mr darcy


I was looking for an easy read with no life changing political views or scary situations. This author (Victoria Connelly) delivered with the perfect weekend read.

 If you want to sit back with a hot cocoa, and just read a nice story, then this fits the bill. 

Sometimes as a Novel Eater you just need to cleanse your palette. This was a clean romance with only hints of the bedroom activity. I like that. No sexual tension, but no scenes that make you tense.

I enjoyed her characters. They were different enough to see why their stories played out the way they did. They didn’t have so much depth that it was exhausting. 

Sometimes, I like exhausting and to be dragged through the mud with a character. Sometimes, I don’t. This was one of those times. The male romantic interests were perfect enough to love, but not so perfect to have nothing to them.

I will definitely read her other books when I need something of this type. (When they aren’t horrifically priced for a digital book that is.)

If you are into the easy read romance, then definitely pick this up.


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