A Model Summer

A Model Summer


I picked up this novel on clearance at a small store where I live. I didn’t have super high hopes, but I do like a semi tell all autobiography. 

Little did I know this wasn’t an autobiography. I didn’t learn that it wasn’t a true story until a few pages from the end. 🙄

Overall, I did finish this novel, and I didn’t hate it. What I did hate was that it wasn’t true. It felt true, and it rang true with real experiences. I am left wondering if a lot of it was based on real events but possibly with flare, or additions that weren’t there to begin with.

Should you read it? Sure. It wasn’t painful or a bad read. I wouldn’t ever read it again, and in retrospect I like it less than when I was reading it. Perhaps, that has something to do with it not being an autobiography.

The worst thing about this book was definitely the ending. It basically just ended without an actual ending. The protagonist hadn’t grown so much by the end, and the story just stopped. It was more an end of a chapter, rather than the end of the book.

I found it a little wordy, and I think many of the characters were unnecessary to the story. If it were an autobiography it would make sense to have these people hanging about without a story of their own, but in a novel they had no purpose.

This is an okay idea, and reads more like a first draft. With some heavy editing and content revisions this could work.

The more I think about it, the less I like it. It’s morphing as I type into an ugly monster. The whole story arc was more of a straight line. Things happened, but none of those ‘things’ propelled the story forward for any purpose at all. Which again, can be forgiven to a degree if this were an autobiography, because real life is sort of boring, and things do happen that add nothing to your life.

 In a novel though, there is a requirement for multiple inciting incidents that propel the characters toward a common climax. This lacked that.

I’m over it. Read if you’d like, but it didn’t blow me away.


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