What I’m reading right now

“The Talented Saga (Books 1-4): Talented, Caged, Hunted, Captivated and Created.”

 By Sophie Davis

Spoilers and inner monologue ahead 

I picked up this series when it was in a Book Bub email. 

So far so good, I haven’t quit and I do that if its not worth the time. 

I do find the sexual tension to be annoying. Perhaps it’s a more teen novel than I realized because it’s purposefully avoided even in dialogue. 

UPDATE: sexual tension was released, wasn’t exciting but at least it happened. I think I took three books to get there 😱

I am in the second book and it’s slow, but I keep feeling like something is around the corner.

UPDATE: Now I’m in the fourth, something started to happen in the third…but now it’s nothing again. 

Hopefully, it doesn’t Goldfinch me. (Refer to goldfinch review)

Anyone read the series? Is there hope on the horizon? 

Amazon link below. 



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