The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


It happened again. I was washing dishes and needed to put a show on. I have had success with previous Netflix originals and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt seemed dish washing appropriate.

So here I am 12 hours later and I am on episode 11. I also slept and worked eight hours, so do the math.

I like it. The humor definitely has some Tina Fey in it. I recognize it because she has similar humor instincts as myself. That’s a compliment Tina 😉 

Basically, Kimmy was kidnapped and kept in a cult bunker for 15 years with three other women. Kimmy and the other women are then found and freed. Kimmy decides to stay in New York and the story begins.

Now, the shining stars are as follows.

1. The song. I am a sucker for a song that works

2. Titan the roommate. He is perfectly timed and I have a hard time believing he is not him in real life. Titan

If I had to choose a roommate at random and had no time to think, it would be Titan or the Reverend that kidnapped Kimmy. Which brings me to my next point.

3. Um the Reverend! I’m down. He kidnapped Kimmy 15 years ago and kept her in an underground bunker, but I don’t care. I am the weird girl that didn’t want to leave. Don’t call the police because I’ve got Stockholm Syndrome…


3. I don’t know her name but Jenna Moroney is a good thing too. I have a sister like her.

Now, my bad list.

1. Kimmy. I am sure she’s super likable, but I don’t like her character. She spent 15 years being mentally abused and brainwashed. I don’t think she would be so doe eyed. I understand a little bit off, but not how she is portrayed. It would take a little diving by the writers, but I believe she could have a much better dark humor. (I am re-reading and editing this. I totally agree with you self) 

On a totally hypocritical note, she seems to know too much at the same time. She exhibits rare moments where she says odd things or acts funny, but something just isn’t lining up. She interacts pretty well with society and I don’t find her character believable. She seems written.

That’s all I have for a “bad” list for now. It can’t be too bad to keep me watching like it has.


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