Recklessly Royal

recklessly royal

Read or Don’t: Don’t Read….?

Star Rating: 3

Content: Adult


I was in a rush to get a book to read at my kid’s gymnastics practice with headphones on because, let’s face it, gymnastics mother club sucks. I quickly purchased “Recklessly Royal” as I ran out the door, and it just barely downloaded before I was out of wifi range.

I assumed “Recklessly Royal” would have the same pace and tone as Nichole’s other novels I had read, and it did. What’s weird is that I sort of hated it. It felt extremely rushed and cookie cutter.

 I enjoy a novel where I know exactly what’s going to happen in the end as much as anyone else, but the whole book was like that. 

I did finish it. That is HUGE for me because if I don’t like a book even at a rating of three, I don’t finish. I wouldn’t say it’s a compliment that I finished it. I blame this on the fact that I read this on my kindle, and I didn’t realize it had ended. I was waiting for it to start.

SEMI SPOILER REVIEW (But not really)

What’s with the whole assistant thing?! This entire time we were made to hate the obviously horrid character. There was this long drawn out build up on how she was going to get taken out, and then it just fizzled. I wish the main girl…who’s name has already left me, would have slapped her in the beginning and been rid of her. 

The assistant caused me so much stress that the only way to keep her through the entire book, and it be worth it, would be to have her get hit by a bus at the end. 

The main guy was perfect, literally nothing to him except biceps and the tenderness of a gay best friend. Which is what we all want, but seriously, where was the depth Nichole?! 

I was counting on you to give me a couple hours of fairytale land, but I need more than just sexy scenes to make it feel grown up.

This seemed like an easy sell. There was a book with Nichole’s name on it and a brightly colored cover, BOOM. Sales are built in. What about the long run? The last book in this novel would have been a shoe in for me to buy, but now I am not sure. Publishers, think long run! You want my two dollars? Send it back through and put a little meat on the bones of this book. It was a good idea and it just needed some bulk.


The sex scene by the lake was horrifically nerve racking. There’s no way someone wasn’t watching. Sex scenes make me super nervous because of my heavy christian upbringing and the looming shame, but this just made me feel 15 again, in a bad, bad way.

I did NOT continue reading through gymnastics, and ended up in a yucky mothers conversation about breastfeeding, car seat installation and circumcision. The mother conversation apocalypse trifecta. Thanks a lot Nichole! Send me a fruit basket and I will forgive you.


My cast was barbie and ken. 

(Editing and updating old posts: Haha yeah that assistant gave me an ulcer)


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