It’s So Easy: and other lies By: Duff McKagan



I was in an autobiography mood a few weeks back, and scoured Amazon for something readable.

 I don’t read inspiring world leaders autobiographies or legends. I want the celebrity autobiography with lots of grit.

 I quickly learned that these celebrities have very high price marks on digital books. 

Really…anything over five bucks for a digital copy is just robbery. Do you hear me publishing world!!! It’s actionable to be frank. (A word I have learned from binge watching Drop Dead Diva on Netflix.)

I got fed up looking for a decently priced one, and when I returned to my Amazon home page. There is was…$1.99 or something for Duff Mckagen’s autobiography.

 I didn’t know who he was, and I was about three years old when a lot of this took place, but hey, it was literally a book about real life sex, drugs and rock and roll. I was in .

I have since learned that Duff was in Gun’s N Roses, a band my father in law auditioned for actually. He was not mentioned.

This autobiography was great. I fell in love with Duff. I heard him telling this story, despite never having heard his voice. He was a great writer. I didn’t feel lost or bored. It had great pace and kept me reading.

 The only lull was the beginning of the bands story. Anyone who lived in that area in California, and was involved in the band uprising of that time probably loved that part of the book, but it did fall flat for me. 

He might as well have been talking about sweat tent meetings in Borneo. I imagine many of the people picking up this book were fans, and likely did live during that time, and a lot were in that area of Cali. 

So, even though I may not have loved that part, if I was his publisher, I would have left it as it was.

I learned tons about drugs and alcohol. I have a very short history with anything remotely as exciting as this, and it was a great addition to my education. 

I had no clue you could do so much of these drugs and not die. I guess it’s all the drug education and scare tactics that made me think this. 

That is not a recommendation to do lots of drugs. He may not have died, but he wanted to on more than one occasion.

It felt very raw, and that was good. It needed to be. There was very little mention of the philandering with women to the degree I would have expected. However, he did write this as a sober married man, and since it didn’t absolutely need to be there, I bet it was toned down. I’d say it was more like DRUGS, rock and roll, and a little sex.

His transformation story was wonderful to read. Every detail was vivid, I had no issue imagining the places and people. 

I did on occasion have to google bands and people since I am not familiar with any of them all. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes this sort of thing. I finished it and it wasn’t a chore, it was enjoyable. I am sort of a fan now.


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