Gilmore Girls

I know, I know I am a Novel Eater; not a movie eater or TV show eater. The problem is I go in waves. If I get hooked on a show with a bunch of seasons on netflix I can’t stop. Nothing in my life will progress except the absolutely necessary until I forge violently through all I can. Gilmore Girls has seven seasons….SEVEN!

I am currently watching season four. I’ve watched the first three this past week. I think there is some secret Gilmore Girls army out there so I am a bit afraid of saying anything bad. Overall, I love the show. Sometimes when I binge watch a show it affects my life or nightmares in weird ways. I watched an Australian show once and I had an accent for a few weeks. “Lost” had me trippin. I realize the adjective “trippin” isn’t incredibly helpful or very proper of me but really, I was trippin.

Gilmore Girls doesn’t affect me in any real negative way. I cry in some episodes but it’s because the show is cute or fun. Nobody sacrifices their baby for the sake of a space station holding the last of human life or anything. I can watch safely knowing there won’t be a traumatizing rape scene out of nowhere. It’s kind of nice. Now I am sure you are wondering what other shows I’ve watched that had that stuff, but NOT TODAY. I am already off track by not writing about a book.

I generally like the main characters Lorelei and Rory. Single mom raising brilliant daughter in quaint Connecticut town is easy for me to roll with. However, I very much dislike them at times. It might be because I am spending SO much time with them all at once. This has happened to me before. If I binge read or watch a show I tend to start wanting the main characters dead because they just won’t leave. I know, it’s my fault. Lorelei (Single Mom) is witty. That’s all. She is just SO witty it doesn’t stop. 

The movie/book references roll off her tongue, no effort, all day, everyday. What is most annoying is that at some point I realize the things I HATE about a character are without a doubt…ME. THE HORROR. I also hate her daughter’s (Rory) way of dismissing people when they don’t meet her intelligence or nonchalant standards in the first 10 seconds of meeting them. I do this. It’s wrong and I am very often wrong about people. Bad bad Rory/Self!

Luke is the obvious soul mate of Lorelei but they just barely miss each other at every turn. I do like that part. It’s tough when the soul mates hook up too early in the series and the writers hit a wall with their story. This torturous long way is much better. Luckily for you, I already have a show buddy in the form of my aunt discussing my every thought on the show. She is a couple seasons ahead and oohhs and ahhs at my every complaint then tells me hers. It’s a beautiful TV show commentary relationship. She is the reason why I’m not pouring out my every issue about the show. Yes, there ARE more than I have mentioned.

If you happen to have watched the show I wouldn’t mind some more chit chat about it… No pressure.

I hate Jess.

Nothing does Jess, because you’re awful. 
Side note: The next book in the Cinder series came out… anyone read it yet? (Update: I’ve read them all now, pretty good. I liked the earlier ones a bit more than the last but I loved Winter. I’m book reviewing now. I will stop) 

This was an old post I’m editing a little. I’ve since rewatched this series. I still dislike the characteristics that are similar to me 😕. There was that little announcement that Gilmore Girls is returning to Netflix for more! 


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