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Read or Don’t: READ


Content: If you are over 55 and your Facebook feed can be describes as “republican vigilante” I wouldn’t read unless you have the ability to separate those feelings and enjoy.


I have this thing with Tina Fey. I have a creeping feeling that she might be my birth mother. I am not adopted.

We look alike at times. If she had a baby with a Spanish boy in Cancun in 1987 I could definitely be hers. I also can do Sarah Palin better than Palin. I was raised by pastors and that gives my Palin a particularly religious dripping effect you can only get from never watching The Simpsons because Bart is disrespectful.

I will spare you the literal novel I could write about my dream life with Tina and stop now.

This was an autobiography, I think. It was in that section of the airport kiosk. I felt more like a collection of essays than an autobiography.

It was good. I have nothing in particular to complain about. I can’t say it was as funny as the people on the book cover said it was. I would say I laughed out loud five times. I am a really tough laugh though. My standard for humor is odd, and while Tina Fey type humor is right up my alley, there were times it was an easy out.

While I wasn’t peeing myself as I belly laughed, I enjoyed reading this very much. I found it easy to finish and loved getting a glimpse into her world.

In one part Tina talks about how she was upset while watching Titanic when Rose got out of the life boat to rejoin Jack. I about lost it. There is one gene I think this type of thinking is carried in. I had this same thought in the movie theater when I was nine years old and entirely too young to be in that movie. I think people with Asbergers also have this gene.

(Side note, when I type asbergers it keeps trying to auto-correct me to beefburgers.)


What can I say about this? It was a #1 New York Times bestseller and for good reason. You will never forget how to put on your cold cream, and you will have a moment with Tina Fey and Monica Lewinsky everyday for the rest of your life.

What was the shining little nugget of gold publishers should be seeing after watching the success of this book? Since many major publishers come to me for advice, I will divulge. The pregnancy and early motherhood chapter was GOLDEN. You know what sells? Celebrities talking about stretch marks and vaginal tearing. Tina Fey writing a pregnancy book is something to look into. And I mean a hardback.

There is a particularly vague reference to her scar throughout the book. I asked my husband and he was like, “Yeah her face got slashed when she was a little girl by some crazy guy on her driveway.” He doesn’t read. He also gave me more information than the book did. I don’t really care, but what was weird is I had never seen it. I am not being like, “Oh you are so beautiful Tina I never even noticed.” I am tragically and chronically a bad friend. One of the side effects of being a bad friend is not noticing majorly obvious things or changes. I have spent hundreds of hours watching Tina Fey. Most of those on my laptop and up close…never noticed. I googled it. Yeah it’s a scar. I don’t know what else to say.  


Don’t tell your mother something funny you just read in this book if she happens to be a pastor.

Do yell at your husband and tell him how you were right about Rose staying in the boat. Also remind him that this same thinking applies to the theory of how it really is love for you to kill him if he is going to be tortured by terrorists.

And that my friends is rough…but true.


tina 2


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