The Goldfinch


 Read or Don’t:Don’t Read

Author: Donna Tartt

⭐️⭐️ Only because I finished

Content: Adult ish but a kid wouldn’t be interested enough to find the adult parts.


Well…it won a Pulitzer. Pulitzer has got to be one of my favorite words. Not because of the obvious literature type connection, but because of “Newsies.”

Pulitzer and Hearst
They think we’re nothin’
Are we nothin’?
Pulitzer and Hearst
They think they got us
Do they got us?

Yup, that's Christian Bale. Who happens to be a part of my Goldfinch cast.

Yup, that’s Christian Bale. Who happens to be a part of my Goldfinch cast.

You don’t know what Newsies is? Find out. Life changing.

Back to the goldfinch. In a nutshell…I didn’t like it so much. I know people are like crying tears of blood out of devotion to this…Goldfinch, but it wasn’t my groove. I did finish it, which is saying something, especially since it is as long as a sermon when you’re starving. 

Seriously, I read this on my kindle so the initial size was hidden, but when I started reading, the progress bar never moved. I sometimes wish books would cover more of a characters life but sheesh, this was like living it. The chapters just kept going and I couldn’t figure out what was happening or what I was waiting for. I can say that if I had to re-read it…please no…but if I had to, it would be better knowing that it was just going to drag along. Maybe it would keep me from waiting and then being disappointed when nothing really happened. I can’t say nothing happened because I guess it did but I just didn’t know why. WHY!? 

Maybe I am not grown up enough for it, or not smart enough to “Get” it, but it was just long and sad like a bad marriage. I did like Twilight so make your judgements as you will, but this wasn’t my thing.


I cast the main guy in the book as someone good looking and since he was a bad boy it kept me slightly interested. Other than that the supporting characters mad me mostly sad. The childhood friend character was a good character but he was just a boy and all alone. My motherly instincts were flashing red lights and making titanic breaking apart sounds. 

The furniture father figure type was basically Hagrid, and nobody should hurt Hagrid.

 The romantic interest was a dud all the way through. I couldn’t get into it. It was sooo long and depressing. I don’t know what else to say…I guess I do, pick something else.

 The literary world is on drugs or too big for their britches. Read something else, anything else.




Main guy, can't remember his name...and after all those HOURS it still didn't stick.

Main guy, can’t remember his name…and after all those HOURS it still didn’t stick.

Furniture Guy/Father figure. I'm sorry this happened Hagrid

Furniture Guy/Father figure.
I’m sorry this happened Hagrid


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