Mockingjay Part 1

MockingjaySTARS: 4

I finally made it to see Mockingjay! I actually thought that after years of seeing every big movie adaptation in theaters I might miss one…and this was a big one to miss.

 I warn you in advance this will probably contain spoilers. You should have read the books anyway and know the plot…OR if you must be a stick… GO SEE THIS MOVIE NOW, then come back and read this so we can discuss. That was my non spoiler review now onto the real deal.

My rating system is out of 5 possible stars. Why a five you ask? Katniss’ wig 😧. That’s all. Wig

I can’t get passed it.

Apart from the wig they did a great job on this film. I liked the story being spread out more,rather than feeling rushed. It followed the book so well I knew when to go pee and not miss anything. 

One big change was Effie. As we all SHOULD know Effie was not in this part in the books. I think it was a great decision.She added the warmth and comic relief we needed since the film was much darker than the first two, and the first two were about the murders of about 40 people so yeah she was needed. Effie

In the Mockingjay book I was basically hoping for Katniss to die. I know it’s harsh, but I get that way after 3/4 of a story being about a girl that won’t freaking listen causing thousands of other peoples deaths. 

She is still making snap decisions and acting solely on emotion. It doesn’t teach us much of anything. Anyway, I still sort of felt that way during the movie. For example; when Prim is not in the evacuation area, and Katniss runs after her almost killing herself in the process, only to achieve nothing different than if she had stayed put. 

She could have went to the door and yelled for prim then when she heard people still descending she could have alerted the door operator to stop for a sec. If he didn’t stop, and they didn’t make it, then at least all three of them wouldn’t be dead. Or she could have just stayed put like she was supposed to and they would have showed up. JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE WHO HAD LATE ARRIVING RELATIVES. I grow weary of these young female protagonists acting as if their emotions somehow make them better than others. That their feelings are more valid. 

Gale however proves quite the conscious hero. He saved the people from district 12, rescued Prim, and helped get Peeta and the other tributes out. He is also not bat**** crazy and therefore, the better choice romantically as well. Gale achieved all of this by doing things right. Katniss sort of continually falls (SPLAT) into helping in some way.

What was the crowning achievement of this film? As the song Gangster’s Paradise quite literally made the movie Dangerous Minds successful, “The Hanging Tree” made this film for me. (I know I missed some parenthesis but it was a mess with them.) I have no words so I will go with this… just click that and Listen to the last half or so of the song.

Did you do it? Do you feel like marching to blow up a tyrannical government’s dam? If you didn’t think it was an admirable score then you may not have a soul.

I don’t think a movie can ever be better than a book. It’s pretty difficult to do since books include so much more detail. Maybe if a book sucked then a movie can help? (I am thinking Allegiant might achieve this) So no, this was not better than the book. Maybe the second half has a shot at being better. The last half of Mockingjay was mostly running and hiding in different sorts of buildings and everyone dies so yeah they can probably improve on it a bit.

Poor Peeta…he looked like Bella did after giving birth. The End.


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