Allegiant by Veronica Roth (Rough draft review, I just thought it was funny)

****I came across this review on my amazon account from over a year ago. This is the first book that caused me to write a review. I sometimes go and read the 1 star reviews about allegiant to soothe my nerves. I feel bad for veronica, but man this book is a mess.
******* Big spoilers included. Not my usual style but I don’t want to go back and edit it to fit right now.*********



Bad. Felt rushed and forced. I still don’t understand exactly what they were fighting for…factions…no factions? I don’t mind the deaths of the minor characters as I wasn’t very attached to anyone in this book. 

After I heard what it was like inside Tobias’ head, heck they could have killed him too if they wanted. He was strong and sure of himself in the first books and in this one he got a huge shot of estrogen. “Am I damaged? Does she like that other guy more than me?” Blah blah. Made me hate him. Do you hear yourself?! You ARE damaged now you pansy!

Double points of view was lame. Like everyone else said, they both were the exact same person, so I couldn’t keep track of who was who.

All the bad guys live and get decent lives and all the good guys might as well have jumped off that building together in the end instead of zip lining.

Can’t figure out if there was no sex scene or ten. That was weird.

Now on to the big one. Tris is DEAD. Some magnificent pieces of literature feature a main character death. I don’t mind them. To be completely honest I wish they killed more main characters because after 3-4 books of being in their head you really want to throw them a nice “see you on the other side” party. 

However it needs to be done right. The brother dying to save them for redemption written in a little different way would have been amazing. It was the only way he could have left his character on a good note.

Tris stole that redemptive death from him, and gave us a dead main character for no reason. Great job tris, keep relying on those split second decisions. I also wasn’t sure she actually was dead because just like the sex scenes it never really said it, I thought she was just laying on the ground hallucinating from blood loss. I still sort of don’t believe it because this whole book doesn’t match the first two, which makes me think it’s not in fact the third book…. And there’s another one coming out someday…that I would pay double for 😉

We don’t hate you Veronica, just fix it with a little alternate ending that picks up where the second book left off. Also end the movies with the good ending and not this one.

I just read some nonsense about the readers that are upset. It said that we should be brave enough to not have a book make us feel good. That we are somehow not worthy of great literature, or cannot handle non candy coated stories…

Hear this, this book was crap. Kill Tris. Drop her in front of a train in the first chapter for no reason, I don’t care. The writing was bad, the story was bad, dialogue… Bad. Get the picture? Don’t patronize us and say we aren’t smart enough 


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