The Accidental Assassin

The Accidental Assassin

The Accidental Assassin

Author: Nichole Chase

Star Rating: 3

Content: Adult 18+


This is not my normal genre. Suspense often makes me crazy nervous. I can handle zombies and characters slicing and dicing each other, but put someone hiding in a house from a bad guy and I get all jumpy. Maybe it’s some childhood trauma resurfacing for me, but nevertheless suspense and mystery aren’t usually my style.
 I recently read “Suddenly Royal” by this author and reviewed it with good remarks. I read over the reviews on this, and decided to give the sample a try. I read that it was light hearted type suspense and that the romance overruled the murdery parts.

I like that even though it was adult romance, the sex scenes didn’t make me want to skip over them too much.

 They weren’t grossly obscene or taking over every chapter in Suddenly Royal and I hoped this one would be the same. I like the “adult” books so we can get over the sexual tension, but I don’t need it to be ever-present.

At first the suspense did make me anxious, almost to the point of putting down the book for good. I decided, in my infinite wisdom, that reading it late at night, in the dark, by myself might be part of the problem. I was right. 

Once I got to know the characters and the feel of the author, I knew she wasn’t going to go too far and freak me out so I relaxed and enjoyed the story. 

What I really liked was the supporting characters. I wish they were introduced earlier. The main gal and guy were your regular cookie cutter good girl and bad boy, but the supporting characters had a bit more to them. I won’t tell you too much since this is the non spoiler review and people get bent out of shape.


LOVED the shout outs in this novel! Referencing her other characters from Suddenly Royal, Dr. Who, and Notting Hill! How fun, made it feel like I was a part of some secret society that “got” her references. 

The sexy parts of this book did kind of make me skip a few paragraphs more than I did with her last novel. I’m sensitive to that though and others probably won’t notice.

Can I just say that I like Mavis…I’m sure the natural reaction is to dislike her. Her character was basically written to be disliked. She can grow on you a bit, but still you shouldn’t want her around all the time. 

She is the “ex-girlfriend” type that gets along better with your boyfriend than you do character. I liked her better than Ava. The squeaky clean characters like Ava (protagonist) lack depth to me, even when the author gives them a bumpy back story.

 I can relate to Mavis though, she’s has a sharpness to her that doesn’t come from just gliding through life. I like that she didn’t have boundaries. She didn’t gasp and say “But golly no you can’t flirt with someone to save our lives!” Mavis knows Owen in a way that Ava cannot. They are cut from the same cloth and that holds water to me.

This novel is a good “chick-lit” story. It follows the right patterns and the character grow in the way they do in most novels of this type. I know the formula for these stories is set in place for a reason, but I would love to see the occasional change up. Innocent girl falls for bad boy, they fall into bed and both orgasm at the same time sort of gets old. 

Their relationship is challenged but never actually interrupted by something life changing. I know one can get sick or hurt and that will draw them even more perfectly close, but it would be great if something actually shook them. Ava had to flirt with someone besides Owen in order to get the job done but he was completely unlikable so it wasn’t a big deal. What if he was sexy and suave and could actually offer her a life of security? What if Owen did sleep with some beautiful woman because he had to in order to save Ava and if caused a rift in their relationship forever? Every reference to it for the rest of their lives would sting. Kind of like real life. Maybe it would ruin it, not sure. 

I do read a lot of self published authors and they do have better twists like that. I often wonder if once you go through publishing if they strip stories of originality to sell to exactly same demographic as every other book of this type.

I liked the book. Despite my desire for something new in the ever present arc of perfect publishing type edit. The pace of the book was great, nothing too fast or slow. Twists were in the right places and all that jazz. If this type of book is your playground then you will probably LOVE it. I will definitely read more from Nichole Chase.


-Mavis/Kenny relationship was super cute. Loved their storyline and wished we got more of the James Bond type spy stuff.

-I do have to say the humor was a fun part of the book. I have incredibly high standards for humor and I like Nichole’s style.

-A couple of moments in the adult sections of the book grossed me out a little. I just tried to write what grossed me out, but I can’t.

-At one point I think Owen told Ava to hold her gun out with her arms strong, and all I could see was her shooting with her arms locked and messing the shot all up, or her elbows.

-I love that Nichole Chase has included a shopping and make over section in each of the books I’ve read. Who can resist that?


-“So, how do we find this person?” Kenny leaned against a counter and looked at us. He was holding a cucumber in one hand and spoon in the other. I wasn’t sure what he was going to do with either, but he had a good question. p. 213

-Mavis was watching the cucumber in her nephew’s hand with concern. (I can’t find the page # for this one now.)

-Mavis looked away as if the whole idea was distasteful and she hadn’t brought it up to begin with. p.201

^^^^^^That last one had me giggling forever. I think it hit me in the familiarity department. I bring up gross stuff all the time then when someone starts talking with me about it, I get grossed out and can’t recover.


This is my Ava. Blue eyes, brown hair but not typical beautiful. She needed to be gorgeous but believable as a normal person.

This is my Ava. Blue eyes, brown hair but not typical beautiful. She needed to be gorgeous but believable as a normal person.

Owen. Good looking, large, dangerous edge.

Owen. Good looking, large, dangerous edge.

Mavis, annoyingly beautiful.

Mavis, annoyingly beautiful.

Kenny. I couldn't help myself! Geeky, in love with a girl that doesn't know he exists. Too Cute!

Kenny. I couldn’t help myself! Geeky, in love with a girl that doesn’t know he exists. Too Cute!


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