Deliver Me

deliver meOverall Read or Don’t Read: READ

Author: Kate Jarvik Birch

Star Rating: 3

Content: Mild references, necessary to story, not excessive adult type content


I just realized this is the same author as the novel “Perfected” which I read last month some time. A couple of my frustrations were similar in that book. Overall, I liked this book. Not too much fluff, every chapter was important in moving the story forward. I love a good dystopian featuring the birthing rituals. 

The protagonist (Wynne) has been raised in a perfected society that controls everything. Where you work, where you live, who you live with is all controlled.

 When a citizen comes of age they are placed into their work assignment. The girls are taught that the Carriers are the absolute best profession. Carriers are basically incubators but they are treated like royalty. The best clothing, living quarters etc. 

Wynne isn’t placed as a carrier as she had planned, and is instead placed as a deliverer. Not a deliverer of newspapers, but of the cities babies. 

I liked the pace and I enjoyed the story. A good cookie cutter dystopian/teen girl savior book. Similar to the Hunger Games type. It’s worth reading if you like that type of book.


Obviously Wynne see the ugly part of the system while delivering the babies that are immediately taken from the mothers. 

Words like mother and love are forbidden but are hard to avoid in the labor and delivery department. Here’s the deal, Wynne’s best friend is chosen to be a Carrier. Wynne delivers her best friends first baby.

Wynne gets herself kicked from the labor and delivery department and is then assigned to be her best friends servant in the Carrier area. It sort of seems set up, but it’s never confirmed. 

That is the beginning of the too long list of unconfirmed happenings. It’s almost like the author had a really great adult dystopian book going then kept remembering it had to be suitable for teens. 

The problem is the imagination is worse than reality sometimes. There was a reoccurring rape or so it seems. Then I think there was a group rape -ish scene. 

The problem is, it was so vaguely described that I am not completely sure. Then there is the relationship between the two girls. Everything else was so veiled that the girls talking had me thinking they were lesbians too, since everything was just “hinted” at. 

That’s all fine and dandy but without definite details we have no idea of what it happening. I know that confirming the noises from the room were definitely rape would have helped us know exactly what to think. 

The man that kept visiting could have been just beating her up? The public group sex thing could have been some weird display? I’m not sure. I think the details being clear would have let us see the ugly brutality and given a much stronger case for Carriers being a sucky job.


-I liked the book but I am worried the girls are just going to end up in the desert…walking…thirsty…meeting a group of people…not being able to stay…having to go back and free everyone blah blah blah We’ve read that story a million times. Break the dystopian mold! I hope for some surprises in the second book. We shall see

-Sometimes I wish the strong willed teen girl that ends up saving the world would just shut her mouth and think out a decent “Take down the enemy from the inside” type of plan. The run away, every other citizen dies but protagonist lives after making thousands of bad decisions storyline is getting old. Sometimes it’s the right thing to do, but maybe not the right thing to do right this second.







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