A Cast of Stones, Hero’s Lot, Draw of Kings

Trilogy written by Patrick W. Carr

Trilogy written by Patrick W. Carr

Overall Read or Don’t Read: Read

Author: Patrick W. Carr

Star Rating:4

Content: Some violence and magic references. Good guys win, appropriate for teenagers 13+


I came across these books and was excited to read such a genre. Here’s what this author absolutely nailed… CHARACTERS. I cannot believe how well these characters were crafted. I actually remember at least 7-12 names of characters in this trilogy, I never even remember main characters names when I am actually reading the books! Some of these characters just hit me right in the feelings. I actually cared for them and want/still want some to be my friend.

I loved the spiritual side and how well and non annoying the God aspect was. I grew up in church and am “half Errol half Liam” when it comes to my thoughts on the institution 🙂 but I do love the real and living God and I think many parts showed him beautifully.

Sometimes I was confused…there were times I wasn’t sure which city they were in or which “hierarchy” they were going to see. There were parts that dragged on and on and that usually turns me off to a book but the characters just kept me right with them. I didn’t care where Martin was, as long as he was still fat and still the guy that would beat up a priest if the situation called for it.

I highlighted more lines in this book than ANY other ever, and I read quite a bit. I have no idea how to paste the quotes onto here or I would share some. If I can figure it out I will re edit this and add them.

Overall, there were some slow areas and LOTS of walking but I really enjoyed the books and would love to see these characters in a film or series. If you are looking for a great adventure that’s clean but not dull this is it!

Would make a great book club series or at least read a long with someone and talk about the themes and characters struggles and triumphs.

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