Suddenly Royal

Suddenly Royal 

Read or Don’t: Read

 Suddenly Royal is a novel I ran into while cruising through a billion pages of book covers on Amazon. I just finished reading and it’s fresh in my mind so let’s hit it.

Star Rating: 3

Content: Adult material, but I didn’t feel like I needed a bath to get the grime off


Suddenly Royal is a feel good read that has enough interesting twists to keep you interested but not biting your nails in a frenzied excitement kind of read.  

If you want to kick back with some hot cocoa and just read something nice, this is your book. I genuinely enjoyed it. 

Suddenly Royal has a fun “falling in love” feel to it. If you liked “The Princess Diaries” but wished it had a more grown up feel, Suddenly Royal is exactly that.


Samantha is the main girl in this novel and she didn’t make me too nuts. Essentially, she is Suddenly Royal! 

Her long lost family held an estate in another country and fled during unstable political times generations back. The status of her family was kept secret and with her only known blood relative dead, Samantha has no idea she is a duchess. 

Samantha must travel back to her home country and claim her status and position. She of course travels with a Prince who happens to be…her age…single…sexy…and totally into her. Some of the perfect set up is a bit cheesy, but that’s why we love these books. 

If the prince was her age and single, but had a layer of unidentifiable grime on his teeth and a super high voice it wouldn’t work at all. Luckily Alex (the prince) is tall, blonde and confident in an annoyingly magnetic way. Their romance throughout the book kind of went like this… wait, wait…BAM.

Female leads often make me wish them dead, and Samantha only had one area that made me feel, not like I wanted her dead, but more like she needed to be slapped.

She want’s to pursue Alex, but keeps holding back because dating a prince has a lot more to accept than just the man. The public knowing your every move, and pressures about getting married. 

Instead of talking like an adult to Alex who is completely open to chatting, she just doesn’t say anything. Then when she decides to go for it, she goes from silent to naked. There was never a two minute conversation where he could calm her nerves and things could go naturally. 

It was as if she thought they had to be purely friends, or in bed. No in between. Just say it! Repeat after me Samantha “Hey Alex I do really like you, sorry I’ve been such a preschooler. I know you’ve been coming onto me but how exactly would things work? Are we even allowed to date? Can we take it slow, and what about that pesky thing about you becoming a king?” 

It’s okay to have these conversations novel women.

Alex stayed wonderful throughout the book. He didn’t lose his mysterious allure like some male characters do. I still have a bit of a literary crush going on.

Supporting character were great! I love a good gay butler type. The best friend was fun and balanced. Samantha’s step dad was super cute. Supporting characters are the sign of steady book to me.

Side notes:

-Bathtub sex. I know they said the bathtub was large but come on. I just can’t see it working. Even pool sex is difficult and that’s a heck of a lot larger than any bathtub…even a prince’s. (Water everywhere right?) 

– I was under the impression this was a trilogy…so sad when I went to buy the next book and it was a spinoff on the sister character. I just wanted to read about the next phase. Being royal, having babies etc.

– The author’s style was great. Easy to read, lovable characters. You haven’t seen the last of me Nichole Chase!

My Suddenly Royal cast:

Samantha Rousseau

Samantha Rousseau





Best Friend

Best Friend


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