Take Me Tomorrow

Take me tomorrow

Read or Don’t: Read

Star Rating: 3

Content: 13+


I enjoyed this book. It was a clean dystopian novel. There were secrets, but I wasn’t left waiting too long. Sometimes, a book can create so many questions and never give you answers, that you give up. Other times you aren’t looking to “find” anything at all. This had a delightful balance and it was a perfect pace. If you liked, “The Maze Runner” this reminded me of that style and feel. If you are looking for a novel to take you to a different world for a few hours, this does the trick!


Tomo is the drug the society struggles with in this novel. Tomo can show you the future. If Tomo was real, I can’t say I wouldn’t take it.

If you are a tyrannical type government, it is the last thing you want in the hands of your people. The protagonist is a “good” citizen at the opening of the novel. She meets a boy that shows her the other side of the fight and then they are off!

One thing stood out to me in this, the father that is involved was a twist. I always am bothered in teen novels by the lack of adults. Maybe it’s because I am not a teen, but I liked having that stable voice that popped in from time to time. There is another adult character that is a voice of reason, and it was such a breath of fresh air! I didn’t realize how bothered I was by the other books until I read this.

I had trouble with the supporting characters. I couldn’t keep them apart in my head. Maybe it is because a couple of them were twins? I always get a little squirmy when there is a boy around my son’s age involved in anything scary. There was a three year old in the background of the story, and I kept finding myself more worried about him than the others. It’s not a complaint, just a personal hurdle I come across more now that I’ve had a kid.

I would add the things I would have changed, but I believe this is the first book in a series, and I can’t comment if I haven’t given the story a chance to play out.

Overall, well done Shannon Thompson! I enjoyed this and look forward to what follows.

SIDE NOTES (Possible spoilers)

I have this nagging thought that the other boy that is close to the protagonist is a love interest. Maybe I created it in my head because I don’t think it was mentioned.

I had trouble caring about the younger sister character that emerges. She was unlikable. I know she’s had a rough go, but I found her prickly.


I had a hell of a time casting this in my mind! Two of the characters were twins but had different hair colors. Then the main guy changes his appearance and I was all thrown off. I ended up imagining (God forbid) what they looked like after a while. I also read this pretty fast and didn’t feel the need to have a mental image of someone like I have other times.

For more on the author click HERE!


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